How to set up a new development

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For us to set up your new development, we require some essential information.

This article will take you through the specifications we need in order for your development to go live.

This article includes: 

Full development address

We require the full address of the development, including full postcode.

This is straightforward if the site you are adding has its own live address.  However, as most New Build properties are still being built, they may not have a live address at the time of uploading.  If this is the case for your development, we can add the sales office or show home address on both the account and the listings until you have a live address.

Email address and telephone number

In order for you to receive leads, we require an up to date email address and telephone number to redirect all leads received via

Relevant PO's

If you send Purchase Order forms, these should be sent along with the development information for contract set up.

Price list

Property prices (sale or rental) must be included on any listings you want to add.

If the development is in pre-launch stages, you can still market properties.  You can use P.O.A. (Price On Application) in the Price modifier along with an estimated price for each listing  This can help build interest in your Coming Soon Development and sell properties pre-launch.  It can also help you gain a lead pool for future properties within that development.


We recommend uploading 6-10 images to have a successful listing on Zoopla.  Properties with fewer photos aren't as appealing to customers and can result in losing potential leads.  Uploading as many photos as you can will help showcase and highlight the property to entice customers in to enquire about your development. 

If you only have show home photography and CGIs, you can add these until you have relevant photography for each property.

Property address and description

If your site and sales complex are not in the same location, it's best to add the street where the site is so that it will appear on the map and customers will see where the development is located.  Following this, add details in the Full description and in your communication with your customers that your sales office is located elsewhere, giving relevant directions if it is harder to find due to lack of postcode.
For more information on How what3words can help pinpoint your listings better, click here

ZooplaPro requires you to input the number of Bedrooms* and Bathrooms* but the rest of the fields are optional.  We recommend you input the information in the Reception rooms field, Floors and Size of the property.  The more information that your customer can find out about the property by themselves, the more likely they will be to make the decision to enquire. 

In the Full description, it is important to add as much about the property or housetype as possible. The more information you can put in, the more informed your leads will be. Once you have added detailed property or housetype information, it is useful to add some content about the development and surrounding area, including leisure, schools, amenities and transport.


Floorplans are integral to helping customers see a clearer picture of the property, especially if it has not been built yet. It also helps customers get a feel for the orientation and flow of the property. We highly recommend uploading one on every listing as this has been proven to help increase leads.

Development profile

You can add a development profile to give a more detailed view and description of the wider area in which the development is situated in. This can include local area information as well as any nearby shopping, leisure, transport, education and amenities you wish to highlight.

Photography, site plans and brochures can be added to this section and will feature alongside marketing suite or site opening times.
For more information on Completing your Development profile, click here

Important contacts

Billing queries -

Listings and ZooplaPro -


Once you have sent in your PO and relevant information, it takes 3 days for your account to go live and be ready for you to add your listings

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