Pixel implementation for remarketing - supercharging your campaign

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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This solution was formerly known as the product AdReach

This article explains the use of Pixels in your ad campaign.

This article includes: 

What is a Pixel?

Pixels are snippets of code that allow digital marketers to gather valuable information about website visitors and the actions they have taken. 

With this information, businesses can then target potential customers with ads that are most relevant to them.  Pixels are vital for measuring campaign performance, which includes conversion tracking.

Why do Pixels matter?

Pixels are important because the information gathered allows digital marketers to understand more about their audience and creative performance.  This feedback can be used to iterate and improve marketing efforts. 

Pixels are used to allow digital marketers to view onsite campaign performance after the user has left the social media platform.  Without a pixel, we can only report on 'we drove 500 clicks to your site' but we have no idea what they did when they got there.  Having a pixel allows us to assess if the campaign has an optimal landing page/conversion experience.

Why do you need access to our Pixel?

For us to optimise your social campaigns and drive the best ROI, we ask you to share your Facebook/Google Pixel with Zoopla.  Using this Pixel, we will optimise your campaigns towards the best converting ads.  You can revoke our partner access to your Pixel at any point.

Why do we need access?

  • Track conversions from our campaigns
  • Greater depth of analysis and optimisation for your campaigns
  • To provide accurate feedback to you on the success of your campaign


  • We will NOT use your Pixel to build custom audiences based on your website traffic
  • We will NOT use your Pixel to feed into Zoopla's wider data
  • We will NOT use your Pixel to analyse site traffic that hasn't originated from one of our ads