Why are my photos displaying sideways or upside down?

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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The two most common reasons a property image is oriented incorrectly is:

Troubleshooting original image orientation

The image orientation displayed on Zoopla will carry across from the original photo uploaded. Check the orientation of the original file on your computer or feed provider.

If the original image is oriented incorrectly, correct this and then re-upload the image to Zoopla using your upload method.

  • If the photos are stored locally on a Windows computer and appear as the wrong orientation, you can:
    1. Right-click on them as they appear in your Pictures folder, or wherever else you have them saved
    2. Click Rotate left or Rotate right
  • If using a CRM or Feed provider, depending on the CRM system used, you may be able to rotate the images within it, before applying the changes and it then updating in ZooplaPro

Remove additional formatting data from the photo

Photos may display incorrectly due to EXIF data (Exchangeable image file). Each time a photo is taken with a digital camera or phone, a file is written which records metadata such as the date, time, camera settings, photo orientation, and possible copyright information.

You cannot stop EXIF data from being added to your photos but there are ways to remove it:

  • Open the photo in an image editing program, such as Paint
  • Re-save the photo
  • Re-upload the image to Zoopla

If you don't have access to a program such as Paint to change the image:

  1. Right-click on the photo or photos you want to fix and click Properties
  2. Click the Details tab
  3. Click Remove Properties and Personal Information
  4. The Remove Properties window appears. You can then choose whether to click Create a copy with all possible properties removed (Creates a copy of the photo with no EXIF data) or Remove the following properties from this file (Tick the properties boxes to determine what to delete)
  5. Click OK 
  6. Re-upload the image to Zoopla