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This solution was formerly known as the product Premium Listings Plus

Within your base subscription, you have access to unlimited Premium Listing upgrades per development.

As all new home listings are now automatically upgraded to Premium Listing, property features and selling points that you want consumers to take notice of are always magnified across desktop and mobile.

This article includes: 

What's included as a Premium Listing

With your property listings automatically being Premium, they'll receive:

  • An enhanced presence in search results with a larger listing card and a purple border, ensuring it’s your property listing that the attention is on
  • A Premium tag to give your property more of the spotlight
  • 4 additional photo slots (compared to a standard listing) also appear in the search results, enabling you to illustrate the quality and finish of your development
  • Play icons to encourage visibility and views of any video content (should you have any)
  • 2 selling points (highlights), selected from a list of property categories, to highlight the home's best features

Within ZooplaPro, your Premium Listings display with a PL icon that overlays the image.



 Did you know...

On average, a Premium Listing receives 12% more leads* during its time on Zoopla and is taken off Zoopla on average 10% faster*

Editing a Premium Listing

  1. In ZooplaPro, click the Manage listings tab
  2. Click the relevant property category, for example, Residential sales listings 
  3. In your property listings, find the Premium Listing property you would like to amend and click Edit
    1. Alternatively, you can edit the property selling points (highlights) for multiple properties in one go. Click the tick box individually next to each property
    2. Click Edit PL
  4. A separate window appears where you can select the alternative property highlights that you wish to promote as the key selling points. Aim to call out those nice to have Property Features that reflect what a user's key word searches might be, therefore increasing engagement and an increase in Search clicks to the property listing
  5. . Click Apply
    1. If you are selecting selling points (highlights) for multiple properties, the features chosen will apply to all the properties

 Best practice

  • You should regularly update and change the order of your property images to help keep your listings fresh
    For more information on How to add photos to a listing, click here
    For more information on How to change the primary photo on a property listing, click here
  • You can utilise a Premium Listing to highlight properties that have a Virtual Tour Available. Virtual tours can increase engagement and Search clicks to the property listing
    For more information on Adding videos and virtual tours to listings, click here

*Zoopla internal data - January 2021 - April 2022. All UK standard sales listings versus Premium Listings