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Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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The Leads report allows you to track incoming Zoopla leads.  Leads are broken down into several categories, enabling you to check what type of lead has come in, and ensure you have processes in place for all types.  This allows you to track patterns in leads, and ensure none are overlooked.

  • ZooplaPro records every incoming call that is over 10 seconds, therefore you can play phone calls back and identify any missed opportunities or use it to enhance staff training.  For example, are all of your negotiators having the same style of conversations.  Check for consistency to ensure every customer is receiving the same style of conversation and welcome no matter who answers the phone.  Equally, you may notice areas where the call quality can be improved.
    It's also a helpful way for you to ensure staff members are giving the same brand experience to your prospects, and highlight staff who go above and beyond.  A good time to do this would be in line with your team performance reviews

  • The report can identify your busiest month for leads.  With this in mind, you can manage your diary more efficiently in line with when you get the most enquiries and ensure you have time to respond to emails and answer calls.
    You might find that in certain months or times of day, you get a spike of phone leads, and so you'll want to ensure your staff are answering the phones quickly, and that everyone in the office is trained on taking every type of lead. If you have a staff member answering the phone who is not a negotiator, ensure you have sales agents available to answer the phones in times where you have traditionally seen a higher volume of leads

  • Manage your diary based on the volume of leads being received. Once you identify how you receive the bulk of your leads, whether it be by email or phone, you'll know what to focus on.  If you are monitoring your leads and identify that you get more applicants through the phone, that may help you choose what to prioritise based on your business preferences

  • You're able to export your leads in a variety of formats. Seeing these in a spreadsheet means you can work with the data more easily, to tally up everything that has happened in a particular month over a number of years. Exporting to a .pdf gives you a nice print out to use during discussions in staff meetings

  • Take time to look at the leads which you weren’t able to convert and investigate why.  Was it down to the content and quality of the email exchanges, or due to the service received on the phone call. If you do notice some areas that need improvement, this can form the basis of a staff refresher

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