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You can track incoming Zoopla leads with the Leads report. Leads are broken down into several categories, enabling you to check what type of lead has come in, and ensure you have processes in place for all types. This allows you to track patterns in leads, and ensure no lead is overlooked.

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To access the Leads report:

  1. Log in to ZooplaPro
  2. Click the Manage performance tab
  3. Click Leads report
  4. The Summary sub tab contains a bar graph showing the number of each lead type that has been received in the set date range. Using this data, you can then refine the results by selecting the relevant sub tab for the lead type you wish to focus on

To adjust the date range in which you’re seeing leads, either select a suggested date range, or use the calendar to manually set the date range.

You can track leads generated over several weeks or months, either to identify market trends or to simply monitor for week on week or month on month increases in the number of leads sent to the development.

The Summary sub tab includes a table that lists your Leads by month (All-time), providing you with a breakdown of your all-time monthly leads and totals.

It’s a useful way to identify which months bring the highest number of leads, and which months are quieter.  This could guide you to up your marketing efforts or implement different marketing strategies at key times of the year.


Data is updated overnight every day

  • Click Export to have a copy emailed to you in either .pdf, .csv or .xls format. Or
  • Click Print / Save as PDF to print a copy to present in meetings or have as a visual cue in the office

 Best practice

You might look at increasing your leads by making amendments to your listings, such as having more engaging full descriptions and photos, or by using marketing solutions as part of your subscription, i.e. Featured Developments to drive an increase in search clicks

Phone leads

The Phone leads sub tab provides you with a record of every phone call which comes in on your Zoopla listed telephone number.  You can see:

  • The date and time of the call
  • The telephone number you were contacted from (Origin #)
  • The number they reached you on (Target#)
  • If the call was Answered or Missed (Call result)

If a call lasts for more than 10 seconds, the conversation is recorded, allowing you to play it back and listen to it.


Calls will count as Unanswered if they connect to your answering machine

 Best practice

  • Use the Origin # to contact the caller back - this is especially helpful if they didn’t leave a message, and ensures you never miss a lead
  • As ZooplaPro records every incoming call that is over 10 seconds, you can listen to phone calls and identify any missed opportunities, or, use it to enhance staff training. For example, are there areas where the call quality can be improved.
    Use it to ensure staff members are giving a consistent brand experience to your prospects and highlight staff who are going above and beyond

For sale and Other emails

The For sale emails and Other emails tabs keep a record of all email leads that come in from Zoopla, either for sales or development queries. You can see:

  • The date and time that the lead was sent
  • Which email address the lead was sent to
  • The senders details

If you receive an email relating to a specific plot/property, its details will be listed and you can view the listing on Zoopla by clicking the address.

For general enquiries, emails will display as Other.

You can also view the Message that the lead applicant sent, along with any Search criteria.

 Best practice

Always check that all email leads have been actioned and that the sender has been contacted. Reviewing their Search criteria before getting in touch will position you well to suggest similar properties.

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