How do I add a new development?

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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The Developments tab is where you’ll see all your developments that have a live Zoopla subscription (Active Developments), in addition to developments that don't yet have a subscription (New Developments) and finally developments where the subscription has expired (Inactive Developments).

Any additional products that are live for a development can be viewed once you select the appropriate development from within the left hand navigation.

Add a new development

  1. From the Developments tab, click Add development
  2. Enter your Development Name
  3. Enter your developments Street, City, County and Country
  4. Enter your developments Outcode and Incode
  5. Enter your Sales Email address
    1. Enter your Sales Phone number and Website, if applicable
  6. Click Save


A Success message appears and your new development will be created.

You'll be taken to the Subscriptions page in order to purchase a Base Subscription. This is necessary for your plots and development to become active (i.e. move from New Developments to Active Developments) and therefore be visible on our For sale and New homes search pages.

  1. Click the + alongside Base Subscription
  2. Select the relevant Development from the dropdown, i.e. the one you've just added
  3. Select the relevant Billing Account from the dropdown
  4. Select your required Initial Term (in months) for your Base Subscription
    (full details are in your contract - this will be shared with you before you confirm your booking)
  5. Select a Start Date for your Base Subscription
    1. Click Calculate Price to generate the Unit Price and the recurring total Monthly Fee
  6. Click Save
  7. The Base Subscription will now be added to the basket for you to review. Click Review basket
  8. A summary of the Base Subscription (as well as any other products added) will be displayed in the Basket, along with all the information entered up to this point, for you to review (or amend). Items in your Basket will be saved for 14 days, so you can always leave and come back to it if you want
    1. To add a Purchase Order number, click Menu, then Add Purchase Order. Once saved, the Purchase Order number will now show next to the relevant item in the Basket
    2. To delete an item from the Basket, click Delete
  9. If you're happy with the order details, click Submit order

You’ll be shown a contract to e-sign, to officially agree to the order.

After you've signed the contract, you’ll receive an order confirmation to your email address, and we’ll process your order and get in touch if there's anything else we need from you.

Your plots and development will then be active and live within the Active Developments section.