Build tailored reports with Comparables report builder

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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The comparables report, accessed via Comparables report builder, allows you to build a customised property comparison report. It provides evidence of how similar properties in the area are performing, using current and historic data, and you can use it to accurately manage expectations.

This article includes: 

Creating your comparables report

  1. Log in to ZooplaPro
  2. Click the Understand market tab
  3. Click Comparables report builder
  4. Select whether the report caters for properties that are For sale or To rent
  5. Complete the available criteria fields to specify the area, Radius, Property type, Bedrooms, and price range for the property you’re valuing
  6. Click Search to show a list of matching results
  7. Once your results have populated, you can choose to make further Refinements, if necessary
  8. Click Select image to change the image of the properties featured
  9. Once you are happy with your list of properties, and the display images which you wish to showcase, individually click the tick boxes to select the properties for the report
    1. Alternatively, click Select all in this page
  10. Click Preview report
  11. The Customisation pane can be tailored depending on what data you wish to include in the report, such as Agent Details, Customer details, Map & Charts, Sale history and estimates
  12. Once you have selected what information to include in the report, click Customise to update the report preview
  13. Email your report to any address, or Print/Save as PDF to take out with you

 Best practice

It is advisable to include Agent Details as well as Customer details, as these will help further personalise the report and show that extra level of care and credibility. You could enter your direct email address, add a personal note, or personalise the report by changing some of the details to tailor it to their needs 


The easy to interpret graphics help to see a true breakdown of all the factors that can influence a valuation/house price, and evidence that the valuation/house price provided is accurate and reasonable.

Viewing and amending previously created comparables reports

Once you have created your comparables report, you can click Add to saved reports to make it available within Saved comparables reports.

Saved comparables reports enables you to access previously created and saved comparables reports, so that you can prepare reports ahead of time. Saved comparables reports can be edited when you are ready to finalise, or deleted when no longer needed.

 Best practice

You can easily locate reports created for previous customers as their name will be listed along with the date it was created

Refining your results

Once you’ve specified your criteria for the comparables report, select the properties you want to include. On each property, you can select the image for your report.

 Best practice

Alter the report to clearly highlight information which will help highlight the basis for your valuation/house price.  Therefore, think about what kind of property you’re valuing - do any of the comparable properties have similar features which could be highlighted by your choice of image?

For all, or each individual property, you can hide the property description. Similarly, the sales history can be hidden.

Customising the comparables report

Agent Details will be pre-populated with your development email address.  This can be changed to your individual email address if you want to be contacted directly.

The customer name can be added under Customer details. This shows that the report was built specifically for them, demonstrating that extra level of care.  You can also select the property address from the dropdown menu.

Maps & Charts are included by default.  Maps should be used to aid price discussions, referencing the location of comparable properties and how it impacted their value.  Charts give your customer a visual representation of average home value and ranges.



If your customer only recently purchased the property, it may be useful to include the Sale history.  This can give an immediate indication of how the property’s value has changed.

If you already have a suggested value range for the property, you can include it under Your estimate.

Zoopla estimate and Comparable properties estimate gives you the option to include various price estimates on your comparables report, which will boost confidence in the accuracy of your valuation/house price.