What's included in a base subscription?

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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Previously, we offered a variety of membership packages (Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum) with each tier providing an increase in additional features and bundled products. These packages were available at different price points allowing you to choose the one that met your specific business needs.

We've now consolidated those offerings into a base subscription.

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What's included in a base subscription?

Our new streamlined base subscription acts as the foundation for your marketing campaign.

All of our marketing solutions are now available as added extras, allowing you to choose the solutions you need/want and build an offering that meets your requirements.

What's included in a base subscription

Unlimited branded listings/plots per development  

Showcase your new build offerings in our For sale and New homes searches on the Zoopla website

Access to ZooplaPro to update your listings and review their performance new_homes_listing_performance.jpg

Unlimited Premium Listing upgrades per development



  • I'm currently on a Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum package, how will this affect me?

If you are currently on our Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum packages, you will continue to have access to these and all the products associated with each package until the end of your contract agreement. When you discuss a renewal with your Account Manager, you will then be able to benefit from our new base subscription and choose your preferred extra solutions.

  • Why are the contracts changing?

We have updated our subscription offering to allow you to have full control over how you advertise with us and how much you spend. By purchasing our base subscription, you will have all the benefits of the Bronze package with the added bonus of increased visibility in our For Sale and New Homes website sections with an automatic Premium Listing upgrade at no extra cost. You can then choose from our other Listing, Onsite, Remarketing and Email solutions to increase exposure as and when you need it.