How to update a development or company logo

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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Upload assistance

You're eligible for a company logo, however, our Member Services team will need to upload your logo for you.

Please email a high-resolution image in as an attachment to, or click Submit a request below and complete the contact form, ensuring you attach your logo.  We will action this for you as soon as possible and, once processed, it can take up to 48 working hours to appear on Zoopla. 

Size and format requirements

Logos should be as high resolution as possible.  To make best use of the space, logos should be a minimum of 160 x 80 pixels.


  • Size: Minimum 160 x 80 pixels
  • Shape: Optimum shape is a rectangle, whereby the width is double the height / 2:1 ratio
  • Format: .png or .jpg format