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The Feed summary provides a summary of your listing types, the feed Source (or upload method) which you provided us with, as well as an outline of how your listings are Processed through our systems. 

It also shows you the number of New properties published and the number of listings that have been rejected.  Click the number within the Rejected from latest publish field to view your property listings page, which lists all properties that have been rejected. This will enable you to act quickly in rectifying the issue, allowing the listing to go live, avoiding delays.

Having a process in place to check your feed summary is recommended, whether this be daily, weekly or monthly, so that you can keep track of anything that may have gone wrong on individual listings.

To access the Feed summary:

  1. Log in to ZooplaPro
  2. Click the Manage listings tab
  3. Click Feed summary

Feed summary lets you:

  • Check your feed Source (or upload method) is correct
  • View the number of New properties published
  • View the number of properties that were Rejected from latest publish
    1. If you have a number other than zero showing in the Rejected from latest publish field, click the number
    2. All properties that have been rejected, display. Under the column Status, hover your mouse over the Rejected status wording that's against the property to show a reason for why it's been rejected
    3. The reason for rejection can vary, however, if it's something you can't resolve yourself by editing the property within ZooplaPro (if you're a manual uploader) or within your property software (if you're a feed uploader), you're always able to contact our Member Services team, letting them know the rejection details and they will investigate for you
      For more information on Why your property listing has been rejected, click here
  • View the number of properties Hidden from publish
  • View the number of properties that are listed with No photos
    1. If a listing has been published with no photos, whether by mistake or not, always remember that including good quality photos helps achieve the best possible marketing. Therefore, you should try to add photos to a listing when you can
      For more information on How to add photos to a listing, click here
      For more information on How to change the primary photo on a property listing, click here

If you require further help, you can contact Member Services at members@zoopla.co.uk or click Submit a request below and complete the contact form.