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Having a complete Development profile is a great way to promote your development to potential property seekers. If a property seeker views one of your listings and clicks through on the developer name, or, if they view your profile via the new build developments section on the Zoopla website, they will be able to find out more about your development and the area surrounding it.

In an increasingly competitive market, it’s never been more important to capitalise on this opportunity, to showcase your offerings and services, and stand out against other developers in your area.

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The Overview sub tab contains your Description, Opening Hours, Development affiliations, as well as Leisure, Education, Shopping, Transport, Health, Directions and Disclaimer information. 

  • Description - The full description allows you a 2000 character limit so you have plenty of space to highlight the key selling points of your development, such as the types of homes available, and what the location has to offer (local amenities such as schooling, transport links, outdoor areas etc). Shout about what your values are, whether you are an independent developer or one that’s part of a regional network, and emphasise the services and incentives that you offer (i.e. Shared ownership)
    As property seekers will want to know more about the development and the surrounding area, this is a great opportunity to showcase all of the benefits of both

  • Opening Hours - Adding in your development opening hours will show when you are available, so property seekers know when they can contact you, or visit your show homes. Should a property seeker have a query, whether it be through Zoopla, or via a phone call or email, it also acts as an indicator as to when they can expect to hear back from you

  • Development affiliations - Make sure you're listed as being compliant with regulatory standards by adding affiliates you may be a member of, such as the NHBC, as this will help build consumer trust

  • Leisure - Take the time to add in the available local leisure facilities, as well as outdoor areas, that might attract and sway property seekers to the area

  • Education - Fill in the available local schooling options, as well as referencing their proximity to the development

  • Shopping - Add in the available local retail options, from supermarkets to town/city centre outlets, and reference their proximity to the development

  • Transport - Notable transport links such as the proximity to key road networks such as motorways, as well as rail and bus links should be added. You may also wish to mention local airports if applicable

  • Health - Fill in the available local health service options, from doctor and dentist surgeries, to local clinics and hospitals

  • Directions - Whilst the development can be viewed on a map, you may also want to add in directions to the site from key road networks in the area

  • Disclaimers - Enter any disclaimers as appropriate, i.e. the images depict our typical house type and are a guide only

Photo and video

Adding a photo and/or video of your development will help build familiarity, and provide property seekers with an idea of the area and development you are selling.

Videos added to development profiles will show across all listings as a development video. Adding development videos alongside a property video in each listing gives potential customers a greater sense of the development as a whole and can help to persuade them to contact you.

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