National Trading Standards listing changes

From 31 May 2022, all estate agent websites, housebuilders and property portals need to start including extra ‘material information’ on their UK residential property listings. These changes are in line with new guidance set by National Trading Standards, who want to increase clarity for consumers on the properties they’re looking to buy or rent.

We’ve pulled together a list of frequently asked questions to help you get to grips with the new requirements:

What is ‘material information’?

This is defined as the information an average consumer needs to make an informed transactional decision. National Trading Standards state that in the case of buying or renting a property, a ‘transactional decision’ includes the decision to view a property, as well as the decision to buy or rent one.

What needs to be included in property listings under the new guidance?

The new guidance is being introduced in three stages, referred to as Part A, Part B and Part C.

Only Part A needs to be implemented from 31 May 2022. This means you’ll need to add details of any unavoidable costs that will be incurred by a potential buyer or renter:


  • Sale price (£)
  • Tenure (freehold, leasehold, share of leasehold, commonhold, feudal)
  • Length of lease (years remaining)
  • Annual ground rent amount (£)
  • Ground rent review period (year/month)
  • Annual service charge amount (£)
  • Service charge review period (year/month)
  • Council tax band (England, Wales and Scotland)
  • Shared Ownership (% share being sold)


  • Price - rent (£)
  • Deposit (£)
  • Council tax band (England, Wales and Scotland)

We already display some Part A information on our Zoopla listings pages. You’ll need to use the property Description field to add any information that’s missing. (More information on each stage is available here)

Which listings need to be updated?

New and existing listings need to be updated with Part A information from 31 May 2022 – for both sales and lettings. This includes properties that are sold subject to contract (SSTC). It does not include overseas or non-residential properties.

Where is Zoopla getting my ‘material information’ from?

Estate agents are responsible for submitting material information on all new and existing UK residential property listings. You’ll need to include it along with the property listings information you already share with us.

Why is the information I entered using my CRM being displayed as ‘not available’ on the Zoopla listings page?

This might be because:

  • We’re not yet passing this information across to the property listings page
  • If you use a third-party data provider, they may not be able to send us this information in the right format yet

Where a field says ‘not available’, please add this information using the property Description field in your CRM.

Why hasn’t Zoopla provided specific fields for all Part A information from 31 May 2022?

We’re working on it. Throughout the year, we’ll be adding unique fields to capture and display this extra information on our listings pages - so in the future, you won’t need to add it as free text in the property Description field.

What other changes are in the pipeline?

We’ll update you when we know more. Right now, National Trading Standards has only confirmed the ‘material information’ requirement for Part A. Once the details for Part B and Part C have been agreed, we’ll share next steps. (More information on Parts A, B and C is available here)

What happens if I don't include all Part A information in my listings from 31 May 2022?

It's important you include all Part A information for all UK residential properties - both for sale and for rent - from 31 May 2022. While the full requirement won’t become mandatory until September 2023, National Trading Standards has asked all estate agents, housebuilders and portals to comply with Part A from 31 May 2022.

Please be aware, National Trading Standards may get in touch with you if your listings don't comply with the new guidance.

What if I don’t have all Part A information yet? Can I still list a property?

National Trading Standards requires all Part A information to be available from 31 May 2022. While we don't have any plans to de-list properties, National Trading Standards may get in touch with you if your listings don't comply with the new guidance.

Will Zoopla de-list my property if any Part A information is missing?

We don’t have any plans to de-list properties, but National Trading Standards may get in touch with you if your listings don’t comply with the new guidance.

Can I customise the text displayed on a listing?

Yes, you can customise most of your property Description details. The only thing you can’t change is the name of a field.

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