Extend your window of opportunity with Facebook Lead Generation

Facebook Lead Generation enables you to showcase your development with a Facebook advert powered by Zoopla’s first party data. Retarget Zoopla site visitors that have expressed interest in properties within your price range and in your area.

With Facebook Lead Generation, you can:

  • Boost lead volumes by 86% compared to standard listings alone
  • Co-brand your ads with Zoopla to benefit from our 94% brand recognition
  • Get the highest-quality leads, with optimised lead forms built into ads


Facebook Lead Generation guarantees engagement, meaning you’ll benefit from a huge volume of eyeballs on your brand, and you’ll only pay:

When a user clicks on your development
Cost per click
OR When a user submits a lead
Cost per lead

For more information on Facebook Lead Generation, complete the form here and a member of the team will get back to you.

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