When manually uploading a for sale listing as a New Homes Developer, it's important that you ensure each of your listings has all the necessary information added, so that you can achieve the best possible marketing for the property.

How to upload a sales listing:

  1. Log in to ZooplaPro
  2. Click the Manage listings tab 
  3. Click Residential sales listings
  4. Click Add listing
  5. All fields marked with * are mandatory and have to be filled in.  Work through the fields:
    1. Choose the status of your Residential sales listings
    2. Set the address of your listings 
    3. The Price field is a required field, however, if you click either POA or Sale by tender as the Price modifier, the price will not display online - Set the price of your listings
    4. How to add photos to a listing
    5. Add videos and virtual tours to listings via ZooplaPro
    6. Complete as many of the property Description fields as possible (Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Receptions, Floors, Size, Units, Full description)
      1. As our listings search results page has been improved, we advise you leave the Summary field blank, and instead complete the Full description with the property description and other essential information.  Aim to call out information which isn’t immediately visible
    7. Tick the relevant property Features. Additional features will show as bullet points on your listing
    8. Add floor plans, brochures and EPC reports to listings via ZooplaPro
  6. Click Save and your property will be live on Zoopla within the hour

Once a property has been created, it displays two buttons at the top allowing you to either Save any changes or Create similar.  If you click Create similar, it'll duplicate the property, copying all written information.  

 Best Practice

The Create similar button is also available on deleted properties, so if you have previously marketed a property, you may wish to copy the original listing and add new photos

 Did you know...

You can add a what3words address to your listings Description so that you're providing potential buyers the most accurate location. This helps ensure they arrive at viewings at the right place, at the right time

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