Streamlining your sales with Yourkeys

Yourkeys is a digital platform that is focused on buyer onboarding and sales progression to help streamline the new home buying process, and save you and your customers time and money.

It does this by providing the buyer with a transparent digital experience, streamlining the purchase process and saving sales negotiators time by reducing processing and transaction time.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions.

This article includes:

How many reservations are run through the platform monthly/annually?

350-700 a month.

Do the integrated conveyancers have to pay for Yourkeys?

The conveyancers do not have to pay, if we can integrate into their CMS (case management system) such as LEAP, Redbrick and Convey Choice.

Can Yourkeys integrate with my CRM?

Depending on the type of CRM you are using, we have different levels of integration but we do integrate with several CRM’s.

Do conveyancers have to use Yourkeys?

No, they continue to work off the systems they use daily and the updates will be automatically fed into your dashboard.

Does it auto-populate the CML in the correct format?

Yes, it does. Yourkeys auto-populates all the documentation for you such as CML (DOI), reservation agreement, proof of funds declaration and upgrades and extras.

If our Panel of conveyancers aren't integrated, can they be used?

Yes, they can. You simply enter them manually and they still receive all the information you collect from the reservation workflow.

Can the reservation workflow be customised?

There are certain elements of the workflow that can be taken out or made mandatory such as the ID check, covenants, payment processing and proof of funds.

Can you edit the terms and conditions for the reservation agreement that is populated?

Yes, in the development setting you can input your own T&C’s.

Do Yourkeys support overseas buyers?

Yourkeys does support overseas buyers with the ability to run ID checks, pay reservation deposits and sign documents to complete a reservation whilst in another country.


For more information on Yourkeys, please contact our Member Services team either by emailing, or, you can click Submit a request below and complete the contact form.

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