Listings Search Results Page (LSRP) update


We have launched a new Listing Search Results Page (LSRP) on to improve the way consumers search for homes and interact with your listings.  The modernised LSRP improves the user experience for consumers which improves performance for you, helping their listings get more views and engagement.

We're committed to innovating on the portal. The new LSRP is a part of this ongoing journey where we focus on delivering improvements in product and technology, and that help make our products easier and more intuitive to use.
For more information on our Listing Details Page (LDP) update, click here

Benefits of the new LSRP

For consumers, the new LSRP has brought parity between our desktop and mobile experiences. They can benefit from the new refreshed look and feel via a single experience whether they choose to search for homes on desktop or on mobile.

  • We have seen consumers are spending 23% more time on the new Listings Search Results Page resulting in higher engagement with listings
  • Consumers are also 7% more likely to contact an estate agent as a result of a search on the new Listings Search Results Page

Desktop and mobile experiences of our new LSRP - Images and changes captured prior to our rebrand

For you, our customers, in launching this page we've changed and improved our listings performance reporting in ZooplaPro. We've evolved the tracking of click-through-rates (CTR) to tracking "search clicks"* in your reporting, to provide more useful and improved tracking metrics.
As a result of the experience parity, our reports now also include search views from desktop and mobile too. 

  • We have seen listings are being more frequently viewed as consumers are clicking on properties 36% more than in the previous experience
  • The new reporting capabilities helps you to understand and optimise your listing performance in greater detail. For example, with listings that receive lower search clicks:
    • You might look at increasing your leads by making amendments to your listings, such as having more engaging full descriptions and photos, or by using portal enhancements as part of your membership, e.g. Featured Developments and Homes to drive an increase in the number of search clicks
    • If you have the Premium Listings portal enhancement, you can enhance a property listing's presence in search results, show additional photos and promote two selling points (highlights). The highlights are invaluable as they can reflect what a consumers keyword searches might be, therefore increasing engagement and an increase in search clicks to the property listing

Primarily, the metric changes will be visible in the following areas of ZooplaPro:

This new single experience provides us with more accurate consumer data which we can use to inform and improve our reporting functionality for you, not just in terms of metrics, but as a basis to shape our future evolutions on the platform.
For more information on the changes we've made to ZooplaPro, click here

*Search clicks are the number of times the property listing has been clicked on from the Listing Search Results Page

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