We're making some changes to ZooplaPro in the coming months that will help make our products easier and more intuitive to use.  

This article includes: 

March 2021 - Listing Details Page (LDP) update

We have launched a new Listing Details Page (LDP) on to improve how consumers view the details of a property and interact with your listings.  The modernised Listing Details Page (LDP) improves the usability as a result of re-designing and prioritising key information within the page, based on consumer research of what is of most value. 
For more information on our Listing Details Page (LDP) update, click here

November 2020 - Search clicks and Listing Search Results Page (LSRP) update

We have launched a new Listing Search Results Page (LSRP) on to improve the way consumers search for homes and interact with your listings.
For more information on our Listings Search Results Page (LSRP) update, click here

To optimise the new Search results page, we are improving listings performance reporting for you in ZooplaPro.  You'll notice we have evolved the tracking of click-through-rates (CTR) to tracking "search clicks" in your reporting. Our reports now include search views from desktop and mobile too. 

As these improvements come into effect, rest assured your historical data, will still be available.

  • At launch, we will not remove historical data 
  • As search clicks is a new metric, initially historical data will not be available 
  • We will backfill historical data for these new reporting metrics in the coming months 

The articles in the Help Centre have all been updated to help you navigate this new change seamlessly. Primarily, the changes will be visible in:

As always we value your comments and ask that you get in touch by clicking Submit a request below and completing the contact form, should you have any feedback.

October 2020 - Navigation changes

From 1st October, you'll notice that we've renamed and regrouped some of the tools within the ZooplaPro navigation.  We've done this so that they're a better match for the jobs that you're doing every day.  Rest assured, your Help Centre will reflect these changes once they're made available to you.  

Residential sales agents

All the products, tools and reports you know and love within ZooplaPro are all still available.  Use the tables below to help familiarise yourself with the new navigation.  

Home Dashboard
Properties  Manage listings 
Performance report  Listing performance report
UK residential for sale Residential sales listings
UK residential to rent Residential lettings listings
UK Commercial for sale

Commercial sales listings 

UK commercial to rent Commercial lettings listings
Feed summary Feed summary
A mix of reports, membership and marketview reports Manage performance
Activity snapshot Performance overview
Leads Leads report
Featured properties Featured properties report
Marketview -> Reports -> Marketshare Your share of listings
Branch comparison (only available at Company level)  Branch comparison
Competitor analysis Competitor analysis
Property valuation Moved to Winning instructions 
Comparables report 

Moved to Winning instruction

Comparables saved Moved to Winning instructions
Marketview Monitor Market
Reports All market activity
Email alerts Market email alerts
PropertyWatch Commission share finder
Global search Property search
Views Manage market views
Property insights & news News and trends
Summary Your market position 
A mix of reports, membership and marketview reports Winning instructions
Property valuation  Property Valuation report
Comparables report Comparables report builder
Comparables saved reports Saved comparables reports 
Zoopla valuation tool Zoopla valuation tool
Fallen through Fallen throughs
Price reductions Price reductions
Slow movers Slow movers
Help centre  Get help
Branch: [Name, Outcode] Branch: [Name, Outcode]
Marketview - Reports  
Full property list All market activity
Price reductions Price reductions
New instructions New instructions
NI historical Historical instructions 
SSTC historical SSTC market comparison
Marketshare Your share of listings
Fallen throughs Fallen throughs 
Slow movers Slow movers
Withdrawn Withdrawn listings
Exchanged Exchanged
Sold Sold
Tenanted Tenanted
Let Let
Let historical Let historical
Membership Manage account 

Branch profile (Company profile when at company level) 

Zoopla Valuation Tool Moved to Winning instructions 
Membership packages  Membership packages
Download materials  Marketing download materials
Order materials Marketing order materials
Property insights & news Moved to Monitor Market
- Website design
Websites Moved to Manage account
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