Area Sponsorship specifications


Area Sponsorship offers the opportunity to advertise your development and brand in areas where you would like to raise your profile.  

This article will take you through the technical specifications to ensure that your adverts are in the correct format and save time in getting those adverts online.  

It is important that the creatives you send over to us are in the correct format and dimensions as any errors will cause delays.  

In order for your ads to go live on time, we need the following: 


Once your order has been placed, a placeholder image will be added before the creative is received from you.  It is important to get your creatives over to us to ensure that your advert gets live on time.  

Clickthrough link

Please ensure that you provide us with the correct link that you wish the advert to redirect to.  

Outcodes & Departments

Please tell us which outcodes and departments you wish to cover.  

For example, Lettings in SO6, Sales in BA1, or Sales and Lettings in SO6, and BA1.  

Advert format

To maximise your Area Sponsorship, your advert should be in .gif format and no larger than 50 kilobytes.  

Other formats accepted:

  • .jpg
  • .bmp
  • .png
  • HTML5

Advert dimensions

The creative needs to fit 300 x 250 pixels.  If the size is incorrect, this can slow down the production of your advert.  


Please allow 3 working days once the creatives have been approved


To find out if Area Sponsorship is available in your area, or for any other enquiries, contact your Account Manager or our specialist AdSales team on

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