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Advertising on Pinterest is a great way to reach a different level of property seeker. Pinterest is a known hangout for planners and dreamers of all things home.  It has over 10 million users in the UK and it’s growing every quarter. The UK has the 4th largest volume of users internationally.

You can use an AdReach campaign to target different levels of property seekers and widen your audience reach.

Please see the below information around how we create your Pinterest campaign and the type of information we need from you.

  • As standard, we ask for you to provide a minimum of 4 images for each campaign
  • Pinterest recommends 2-4 ads per ad group (you can also send us .gifs)
  • We create multiple ads over the period of your campaign to reduce ad fatigue and overall frequency score
  • One of the formats will be a multi-image layout, our data shows that this is the best performing type of ad
    A headline needs to have a maximum of 100 characters)
  • We want your ad to perform the best it can and our data shows that running shorter and more concise headlines outperforms longer copy
  • The first 40 characters are what usually show up in feeds before the user clicks "more"
    (A subject line with a maximum of 500 characters)
  • People will usually see the first 50 characters when they click on your Pin (ad)


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