AdReach: Requirements for Facebook Lead Form


AdReach for Facebook allows you to stay in front of your users where we know they spend a significant amount of their time online. 

Facebook gives you reach, Zoopla gives you data and AdReach Facebook Lead Generation gives you the best of both. 

Zoopla guarantees engagement and you only pay once a user clicks and interacts with your ad. 

Please see the below information around how we create your campaign and the type of information we need from you.

  • As standard, you should provide a minimum of 5 images for each development
  • We create a number of ad variations over the period of your campaign to reduce ad fatigue and overall frequency score
  • To increase conversion rates, we will use different images in the ad creative and the lead form in order to spark interest
  • Avoid sending CGI or lifestyle imagery. Users are less likely to click-through and convert on these ad types - At least 1 Ad Copy with a maximum of 250 characters
  • We want your ad to perform the best it can and our data shows that running shorter and more concise descriptions outperforms longer copy
  • Mention the price and location in the first two lines of the ad copy - Lead form description & questions
  • Supply additional information from the ad description (either bullet points or a paragraph) to really "sell" the development in the final stages of the user journey


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