Email Campaigns are a great way to increase the exposure of your developments, reach out to a large audience of property seekers and access Zoopla's growing data pool.

You can tailor your message to your target audience and reach out to the customers you specifically want to be drawn to your development.

Using Email Campaigns can aid in building awareness of your developments and brand on a local, regional and national scale.

This article includes:

How to book an Email Campaign

First, you will need to send a count request through to campaigns@zoopla.co.uk. Be sure you CC your Account Manager into the email as well.

For Targeted campaigns, you will need to send over the following details: 

  • Development Name
  • Number of Bedrooms
  • Pricing Points
  • Location
  • Targeting ('X' mile radius from the development)

For Regional campaigns, you will need to send the location targeting by postal area.

Once this information has been received by the campaigns team, you will be sent a cost and an accompanying BATCH ID within 24 hours. The BATCH ID is the booking reference associated with the count.  Be sure to make a note of this.

If you are happy to go ahead with the email campaign following this email, you will then need to send over a booking purchase order (PO) which must include the Broadcast Date and the BATCH ID.

Submit your email campaign as an .html file and any associated images to campaigns@zoopla.co.uk.

What you need for an Email Campaign


Submission deadline is at 2pm each day and must be sent 1 day prior to the send date.  Anything submitted after the deadline may result in delays.  We recommend sending in artwork 3 days prior to the send date

Email Format

Please submit your request in .html encoded format.

Use only valid and basic .html coding and the coding should not contain any special characters. <html> and <body> tags must be included. CSS must be included (<style>).

The .html must be validated through with the following options: 

  • Character encoding: UTF8
  • Document Type: HTML 4.01 Transitional


Zoopla will not be responsible for any special characters/images/tables that do not display properly


The email must be no wider than 600 pixels. This is to ensure that the full width of the email doesn't get cropped when previewed in certain email formats (such as Outlook).


Image 'src' should be set up to the relative 'images' folder and the .html file and associated images should be supplied within a zipped file.

Each image asset file should not exceed 200mb - your creative should not be constructed solely from images as image-only mails are likely to be blocked as spam.

  • Be sure to include ALT tags
  • Property Images must be linked
  • We recommend a 50:50 ratio of images : text


Do not use images to show blocks of text otherwise computers will be unable to read the email copy to users with visual difficulties. This is necessary to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act

Mobile Responsive Design

The email design should be Fully Responsive as 70% of our emails are viewed on a mobile or tablet device.

We recommend using the following media query for mobile responsive templates: (max-width: 600px){}.

Email creatives should be easy to scroll through and should have legible text when scaled down on a smaller screen.

Mobile optimised emails should be fully tested to ensure the creative renders correctly across email clients.

You may be asked to re-supply an email if it is not compatible across all email clients.


Only use Standard PC and Apple Mac fonts.

Non-standard fonts (even the 'corporate font') will be replaced by a user's computer and can affect the spacing and appearance of an email between email clients and this will compromise the email design.


All tracking links must be embedded prior to being sent to Zoopla and included within the .html code supplied. Zoopla cannot take responsibility for inserting tracking links or tags.

If .html is supplied without tracking links, you may be asked to re-supply with the tracking links included and this can delay the email campaign being sent out.


Please ensure you check all links thoroughly when proofing the email as Zoopla will not be held responsible if links are incorrect or broken.


The content of the email must be of high quality and property focused. It must also be in line with the Zoopla tone of voice.


Creatives must not contain logos or content relating to Zoopla competitors or non-member agent/new homes developers. This includes:

  • Logos of agents/developers not listing on Zoopla
  • Links to competitor pages (e.g. a listing on Rightmove or On the Market etc.)

Preview Line

A preview line is a short summary text that follows the subject line when an email is viewed in the inbox. Please provide this in your subject line.

Additional Information

You do not need to include an "Unsubscribe" or "View web page" link as Zoopla include these in our header and footer.

If, after testing, the .html does not render correctly, it will be returned to you to be amended.

Include where you would like Zoopla to send the proof for approval email.


Zoopla should be provided with the final version of your email campaign creative.

Artwork should be fully proofed and tested prior to submission. This includes testing how the email renders across a variety of web platforms.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, contact campaigns@zoopla.co.ukmedia.

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