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Uploading a new listing is easy, but having an impactful, effective listing can be a little harder. Here we will show you how to make the most of your listings and help bring more leads to your development.

New Homes customers want to see the dream.  They want to see the lifestyle they are buying, the type of people the development is designed for and what is going to be available to them.  Each New Homes customer is unique and will be looking for different information within the listing; re-locaters will want to know about the local area and amenities, families will want to know about the local schools, first time buyers will be looking into schemes etc.

When you include all the information and insight, you cater to the full range of property seekers and help make the decision to click through and enquire much easier.  By having all the right information available to your customers, you are showing your knowledge base and professionalism which will help your development and brand stand out against the competition, build trust, and allow you to win more leads.

Your listings need to be as good at selling your properties as your sales team are, so making sure your listings are informative is key.  Here's how you do that:

This article includes: 


Any section with a * next to it means this information must be filled in.  If these sections are left blank, you will not be able to leave the page or save the listing


Site Status*:

Should be set as Public in order for the listings to go live on ZooplaPro.

If you are preparing a new listing to be uploaded, but are not yet ready for it to go on the market, set the status as Private.

Listing Status*:

As you are posting a new listing, this should be set as For Sale.

Use Sale Under Offer or Sold once the listing reaches that stage, but a new listing should be set as For Sale.

Property Type*:

Use Property Type to describe the property style i.e. Detached, Bungalow, Flat.  When your customers look for a specific type of property, they use key words.  Entering the property type will make sure that your new listing appears on the right customer's property search results.


This is a frequently asked question amongst customers looking at new build properties, so having this information on your listing is very important.


Make sure you tick the New Homes checkbox, this will help your customers identify the difference between new builds and properties on the second hand market


This is straight forward if the property you are adding has it's own live address.  However, most new build properties are still being built and may not have a live address at the time of uploading the new listing. The best way to overcome this and not leave this section blank is to put the sales office or show home address on the listing instead, that way you are directing traffic to the site and giving your customers an idea of location. 

If your site and sales complex are not in the same location at the time you're posting the listing, it's best to add the street where the site is, so that it will appear on the map and help customers see where the development will be.  Following this, add details in the description and in your communication with your customers that your sales office is located elsewhere, so your customers know where to go for their appointments.

Longitude and Latitude

For housebuilders, this is a great tool that will allow you to have a more accurate location of your site showing on the map.  Occasionally, when using an address, especially for a newly establish development, the map won't always pull an accurate location because the address it newly live or not yet live.  Instead it can sometimes pull a different location that might not be near the actual site. Inputting the Longitude and Latitude, as well as an address, will help provide a much more accurate location of your site. 

If you are unable to obtain the Longitude and Latitude of the development, please contact our Member Services team at, who will access the coordinates and send them over to you to add to your listings.


You must enter the Price of the property you want to list.

You can add a Price modifier if necessary, but this can be left as 'None' if it's not needed.

If the development is in pre-launch stages, you can still market properties to get more site recognition and drum up interest in your 'Coming Soon' Development.  You can use P.O.A. (Price On Application) in the Price modifier. This can help build the interest in the development and to sell properties pre-launch.  It can also help you gain a lead pool for future properties within that development.


We recommend uploading 6-10 photos to have a successful listing on Zoopla.  Properties with fewer photos aren't as appealing to customers and can result in losing potential leads.  Uploading as many photos as you can will help showcase and highlight the property to entice customers in to enquire about your development. 

If some of the properties are still in the early stages of development, upload photos that are most like what the completed property is going to look like, such as CGI pictures, drawings or build stages.  This will help customers see what stage the property is currently at and enable them to see the bigger picture.

Keep your photo style consistent throughout all of your listings.  This shows professionalism and builds your brand and appearance on the market.

Display both external and internal photos to show the property as a whole and where possible upload Landscape photos as portrait photos don't appear as well on the image carousel.

Ensure your photos are also uploaded in a logical order that make sense to the property, i.e. starting with an external photo and then the lounge, kitchen etc.  This makes a better impression on property searches.


Make sure the photos are of a high quality so that customers can get a clear idea of the property.  Avoid photos that are blurred or unclear, this can distort customers view of the property and it might dampen the way your brand is perceived

Video/Virtual Tour

We highly recommend uploading a Video or Virtual tour as it helps to give your potential customers a feel for the property before deciding to do a physical viewing.  Understandably it isn't always possible, especially with properties that are still under construction, but where possible be sure to have a virtual video. 

Our tip would be to use show home virtual tours of the different house types even if you don't have those show homes on that particular development.  Be sure to use a disclaimer to point out that the video is a show home and that properties can vary from plot to plot. 

If you don't have available show homes that you can get virtual tours of,  leave this section blank.


Input as much information in this section about the property as possible.  Even though all of the sections aren't asterisked, the more information you can put in, the more informed your leads will be which can  help sell the property to potential customers. 

ZooplaPro requires you to input the number of Bedrooms* and Bathrooms* but the rest of the fields are optional.  We recommend inputting the information in the Reception rooms field, Floors and Size of the property.  The more information that your customer can find out about the property by themselves, the more likely they will be to make the decision to enquire.  Customers have different preferences for the information they find important when looking for a new home, if all grounds are covered you are helping all levels of property searchers.


Your summary should be plot specific and outline the property details relating to the individual plot. Mention the name of House type and/or the plot number so that, when customers call through and enquire, they are able to talk about the specific listing they have seen and are interested in. 

Use Key phrases such as "Just Launched" or "Available now!" to draw in more attention.

Your summary has a 255 character limit, so make sure your text is to the point and fits within the cap.

Full Description*

This section has no character limit, so take advantage by going into the detail about that specific house type and sell the dream of what the development will be like once it is completed.  Again, be plot specific.  A hard part of selling new builds is that customers can't always see the finished product before making a reservation.  By giving customers a detailed description about the property you can help draw in new leads and build their confidence and connection with you as a housebuilder.  Paint the picture for your target audience and sell the aims for your finished development.

Talk about the local area too.  Customers specifically looking for New Homes will look further than their original search area so may not have local knowledge. 


Use the Features section to highlight the unique selling points of the property and what makes it stand out on the market against your competitors.  These features will show under the photos but before the description, so they could be the deciding factor in customers going on to read the description and in turn, enquire about a viewing. 

You are allowed to choose up to 9 key features using the tick boxes provided or by manually typing in additional features.  We highly recommend using all 9 as these are searchable using the key words function on a customer search page.

Some keyword searches that are popular amongst New Homes buyers are: Detached, Help to Buy, Garage, Parking, Freehold, Garden, Ensuite.


Floorplans can help customers see a clear picture of the orientation and flow of the property, so we highly recommend uploading one on every listing.  Though it is not a requirement for saving the listing, not having a floorplan can drag your listing down, especially if there is a lack of information elsewhere to make up for not having one. 

37% of users will not pursue a listing if there is no floorplan, so ensure all listings, where possible, have a floorplan.


If you have a brochure for your development, you can use the content section to upload the file to appear on your listing.  This way you can add additional information without cluttering or overloading the main page.  These can be beneficial in giving your customers information about you as a housebuilder and answer questions customers didn't even think to ask.  It can also help in giving them a feel for what the development will be like once it is complete. 


Floorplans should be uploaded as .jpegs as opposed to .pdfs

Using this Best Practice article to strengthen your listing will help you build your sales pipeline, promote your properties and amplify your brand and development to property seekers.  Hopefully making all of these changes to your listings will help give you a much more impactful presence on the market.   

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