3 steps to successfully list stock plots


In most circumstances, plots are sold before the property has been built, but occasionally some sticky plots can reach the point of completion and still be available.

Outlined below are the best ways to refresh your stock plots to help you gather more interest after they've been on the market for a while, and how to receive new leads for your development.

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Call it what it is

Let your customers know it's a finished product.

Edit your Full description or add to your key Features that the property is "Complete" or "Ready to Move in to".  A common misconception with new builds amongst property seekers is that the property is more than likely still in the build stage or months away from being complete.  Draw attention to the fact this property has finished it's build and could be moved into any day.  That way, you are appealing to customers who are looking to move quickly and without any onward chain, as well as customers who are specifically looking for new builds and may not have a set timescale of when they want to move by.


Make sure you mention the specific plot number and house type.  It'll help customers identify on the site map where the property is on the development and will help when they enquire about the property

Capture the plot

Show photos of the finished product.

When housebuilders upload pictures of their plots, they are mostly generalised photos that can be applicable to multiple properties across their developments, or, they are of show homes.
With a complete property, you have the opportunity to replenish the photos and show the actual property and it's features. By showing actual photos of the property, you can appeal to a wider audience. It will also give those who have previously looked at the listing a reason to check out the listings again as you are showing them something they haven't seen before.

Get descriptive

Tell property seekers why they should view this plot.

When developments have multiple of the same house type across the site, they often use a general Full description to talk about the property in their listings. However, now it's a finished product, it will have new Features and key selling points that help it to stand out against other house types of it's kind and it's competitors.
Change your Full description to have a more plot specific feel, to help your customers get a better idea of why they should enquire and view this plot. Make sure your Full description reaches out to it's target audience. Whether it's a First Time Buyers (FTB) home or a families forever home, tailor the Full description to the type of buyer you want the property to appeal too. This will help make sure that the right customers are seeing your listing and enquiring about viewings.

Though the aim is to sell each property before it's build is complete, if for any reason you do acquire stock plots, hopefully these tips will help these empty properties become homes in no time.

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