Become local experts with Zoopla's SmartMaps


Part of being a sales advisor for a housebuilder is to be familiar with your site and it's properties.  Another part is to have complete knowledge of the local area. This can be can achieved by using Zoopla's SmartMaps.  When moving to a site for the first time or floating between developments, getting to know the local area and finding information can be tricky, especially if you're unfamiliar with the site's location.

With our SmartMaps tool, you can find out your site's/development's local information by entering your outcode (the first part of the postcode) or postcode and viewing the information on an interactive map.

It's also an easy way for you to demonstrate your local knowledge to customers, as you could show the proximity from their new home to the local schools, transport links and amenities within the community.

To access SmartMaps:

  1. Go to
  2. Hover over For sale in the website navigation
  3. Click Draw a map search
  4. Type in the outcode or postcode you want to search
    1. If searching by outcode, by default the map will display properties for sale in this area
  5. Click the New homes radial button below the search bar
  6. Click Define my area
  7. The map will display your development and any other homebuilders in the area as purple labels (whilst showing a much clearer map)
    1. If you wish, you can click Filter results to define Property types, Features, their Status, or add Keywords
    2. You can edit the current area (highlighted in purple) by clicking Edit area
    3. Multiple areas can be added into the same map search by clicking Add area 
  8. To show the nearest amenities within the search, tick the local amenities from in the Show nearest amenities window on the left of the map, i.e. Schools, Transport
  9. The locations of your chosen amenities display on the map with grey labels
  10. Click a label to display more information about it in relation to the selected location
    1. For example, when you click a local school, it will tell you the name of the school, the address, the ofsted rating and have a link to the schools website


You can get accurate information on the distances between the development and local amenities. To do this, enter your full postcode before you click Define my area, instead of the outcode alone.  A postcode search won't bring up an outline of the area like when searching for an outcode, however, when looking for the nearest amenities, it will show an accurate distance in miles from the development to the selected location

Having this information to hand and being aware of it can help you  become a local expert.  Getting to know the local area can help to sell your new development, find unique selling points and stand out in the market.

It also stands you in good stead in terms of customer service.  You can use the information as a visual aid with customers to show how close the site is to local amenities, and it's an ideal tool to use for customers  who don't have much local knowledge or are looking to relocate to that specific area.

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