Keeping your payments safe


We continuously work to maintain a safe online experience for our customers, partners and property seekers. 

This article is designed to help increase your awareness on how you can be sure that payments made to Zoopla are safe and identify some common red flags which can highlight fraudulent behaviour.

If you pay us by direct debit we will never contact you to request an alternative form of payment unless this has failed for some reason and, in the first instance, we will contact you to confirm the failure and let you know we will try again. 

Our Invoices are provided as Netsuite links or attachments.  These are not held in ZooplaPro and we will not ask you to log in to ZooplaPro to access an invoice. 

Instructions like:  'when you try to add our details as a Payee on your platform' or 'can't verify' or 'Can't verify name' and 'please click continue as our bank details are correct' indicate that a request is likely to be fraudulent. 

Banks have recently launched a vital security crackdown to prevent fraudsters intercepting payments which require a 'confirmation of payee' name-check.  Legitimate requests will always contain the correct name in full.  

We won't provide you with new or alternative bank details, we rarely need to update our payment details and, should we need to, we would always notify you well in advance via our usual channels of correspondence such as a notification in your current invoices or an email from

If you are ever in doubt about details you've been sent please contact us on or via the 'submit a request' button on our Help Centre. 

All genuine Zoopla invoices are sent from via or if you have requested the invoice from us directly. Occasionally your account manager may also provide you with a duplicate copy. 

However, email addresses can be faked so if you have any doubts at all please contact us.


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