Maximise the exposure of your developments or plots with Featured Developments and Homes


The Featured Developments and Homes portal enhancement increases the exposure of your developments or plots by pushing your listings higher up the search results.

It can also aid in building brand authority on-site in your main areas by featuring the relevance of your properties to users that are searching for exactly what you have available to sell or let. This will help you position yourself best to win in the living room.

What are Featured Developments and Homes?

If you have developments or plots that could benefit from a listings boost or you are trying to market in a very competitive area, Featured Developments and Homes can push your listings higher up the search results.

With Featured Developments and Homes you also get:

  • A blue border to stand out
  • A Featured tag to give your property more of the spotlight


Tailor Featured Developments and Homes to your goals:

  • Featured Developments: Move your plots from relevant developments to the top of buyer searches, making them perfect for pairing your stock with specific buyer search criteria. They'll feature on rotation at the top of listing search results pages positioned in the 2nd or 3rd box with your logo, for the whole time they're live on

  • Home of the Week: Pick a plot of your choice and move it higher-up in the search results for a week. It's a great way to guarantee extra exposure and impressions, and accelerate the sale of your slow moving plots

You can experience 2.5 times the number of views in the listing search results page, and 2.5 times the number of additional clicks to the listing details page, versus a standard listing.

 Best practice

Consider applying Featured Developments and Homes (Home of the Week) to a plot that has received a recent price reduction, as it can help to put it in the spotlight across all potential applicants search results


  • Once Featured Developments and Homes has been applied by our contracts team, it will automatically add your development to the carousel at the top of the listing search results pages
  • For more information on Featured Developments and Homes, complete the form here and a member of the team will get back to you
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