AdReach is our award-winning retargeting product that enables you to promote your development and properties to Zoopla site visitors on other sites, including Facebook and Instagram. It benefits from using Zoopla's unique first-party data to target and directly pinpoint your ideal audience of property seekers, based on their onsite behaviour and preferences.

You can be sure that your ad campaigns will be targeting highly relevant buyers that have viewed similar properties to those that you would like to market, or are marketing.


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Why use AdReach

  • Get in front of the highest quality prospects/in-market buyers - By having access to the right market for your development, AdReach can boost your lead volume by 86% more than standard listings alone 1

  • 69% of the AdReach leads submitted self-identified as active property seekers 2

  • 17 minutes are spent on Zoopla per person monthly, yet 17 hours + are spent on Facebook per person monthly

There are many benefits to be gained by leveraging social media and using Zoopla data. You can build out your audience around those who've:

  • Searched for properties within a specific budget
  • Searched for a property to buy in a specific location
  • Visited Zoopla
  • Checked the value of a specific property
  • Read content on specific buyer schemes
  • Submitted leads on Zoopla identifying themselves as 'looking to buy'

Getting started with AdReach

AdReach can produce effective brand building and lead generation campaigns, but first, there are important points to consider when deciding how to target your ad, such as which audiences you're wishing to hone in on.

  1. You decide the location and radius targeting, and the price range that meets your core need and objectives. We then segment who you wish to target in your campaign, through the use of our data.
    For example, BA1 + 10 miles + £300,000 - £375,000

  2. You determine the platform on which to promote yourself, i.e. Facebook, Instagram. This allows you to target a user as they explore the Zoopla site, or, as they continue with their web browsing journey
    (We can create ads for your audience across Facebook, Instagram, Gmail and the Google Display Network)

  3. Your AdReach campaign puts your message in front of the appropriate user, at the right time, on the right channel, showcasing your brand and offerings. In turn, you'll deliver on your business needs and objectives


For more information on AdReach, or, if you wish to purchase this portal enhancement, click here

1: Internal Zoopla Data, 1/08/2019 - 31/10/2019
2: Internal Zoopla Survey, 2018

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