Zoopla Advantage is a free to access website, where we share our property insights, industry research and news.  One of the many insights that is available to you is Zoopla In Your Area

The interactive Zoopla In Your Area map will help you understand the housing market performance in your area by surfacing local area insight, to drive leads.  This, in conjunction with the monthly geographic and Zoopla performance data available, can then be actioned by more detailed conversations and sales efforts. 

You're able to view breakdowns of average property prices for different types of homes along with transactional data, year on year sales, and information on the local rental market in an area of your choice.  There are also insights on local home hunters, such as their age, the top three keywords used when searching and what the most popular property type is. 

Using Zoopla In Your Area to select a region

  1. Go to advantage.zpg.co.uk
  2. Hover over Insights and click In Your Area
  3. Hover over an area and click on the map to select a postcode (the outcode will appear at the bottom left when you hover over an area)
    1. Alternatively, in the search field, type in a postcode area of your choice
  4. The page displays the Average price paid and sales (quarterly) by type of home, the Activity levels in the local sales market and statistics on The local rental market
  5. Scroll down to view more about local homehunters
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