Four tips to ensure your listings work for you


When it comes to listings, there's a lot of variation for a lot of different reasons.  From our analysis of Search views and Search clicks across Zoopla, and from our conversations with home movers, we've compiled this short list of tips which can help to ensure your listings achieve the best results.

  • 6-10 photos on a listing is a good number, but especially on sales listings we see that listings with more photos get higher search clicks
  • Videos or virtual tours are both proving really popular.  With some home movers still sceptical about visiting properties, we’d absolutely suggest either or both
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  • Floor plans help boost the search clicks as well, and our user research shows that home movers prefer to look at a floor plan rather than read a properties full description to understand the layout of a property
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  • Key features/highlights clearly help home movers learn about the property, rather than this information being lost in a long description
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