The importance of complete property listings


As a result of the pandemic and lockdowns, marketing efforts have had to become smarter. Think about using the top tips below to ensure your property listings are fully completed. This is particularly important now that consumers spend more time browsing and peak performance browsing levels occurring on Zoopla.

  • Firstly, think location. When you upload a listing, it’s important the address displays accurately, to ensure that you can achieve the best possible marketing for your development
    For more information on Setting the address of your listings, click here

  • Deterrents for buyers include too few photos on a listing.  6-10 photos per listing is a great number to have, and especially for New Homes listings, we see that those with a higher number of search clicks generally have more photos.  Of course, this is all dependent on the property that you are marketing, as you can only display so many photos of a studio flat in comparison to a five-bedroom home.
    As well as considering the number of photos per listing, look at the quality of your photos and their order.  Revitalise older listings to drive further engagements by rotating the photos and showcasing your property in a new light
    For more information on How to add photos to a listing, click here
    For more information on How to change the primary photo on a property listing, click here

  • Consider utilising premium features.  Use the additional photos and the property highlights from Premium Listings to your advantage and make sure they are applied when the listing goes live for maximum exposure!
    The first lockdown has led to many buyers reassessing what their home is really worth and as a result, many have decided to buy their first home or start to look for a new home that better suits their needs

  • Our user experience research shows that property seekers like to start off on the search results page looking at showcased photos and key features, as opposed to when they will later click through and view the property's Full description.  With this in mind, ensure you are keeping your full descriptions focussed and snappy to keep your audience engaged.  Call out information which isn’t immediately visible rather than repeat the number of bedrooms for example.
    For existing listings, optimise your Full description by ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the property details

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