How do I reset my ZooplaPro password?


If you have access to your email account, your ZooplaPro password can easily be reset.

  1. Visit the ZooplaPro sign-in page (
  2. Click Forgot your password?
  3. Enter your ZooplaPro username (this will be the email address registered for your ZooplaPro account) and click Get a new password
  4. An email will be sent to that email address, titled 'Request to change your ZooplaPro password'.  You can either click the link contained in the email, or, copy and paste the URL in to your browser bar, to change your password

    An example of the 'Request to change your ZooplaPro password' email

  5. You will now be on a secure page where you can enter your new password, and then re-enter it to confirm it.  Click Submit to confirm your choice


  • The 'Request to change your ZooplaPro password' email will always come from
  • If you are are having issues logging in, check out the troubleshooter to help you get logged in
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