What video file types are supported on Zoopla?


Embedded content refers to any media which launches in-page rather than launching in a new window or browser tab.  For property listings on Zoopla, this refers to property and development videos as well as virtual tours.  

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  • Video links in the property listings will be flagged in search results with a video icon on the photo and embedded in Property details pages providing they are served by an approved player (Vimeo, YouTube, Matterport, Vistabee, Vieweet and Audio Agent)
  • Videos served by unapproved suppliers or players can be found by scrolling down the listing to the 'Links for this property' section.  Once clicked, they will open in a new window (as per current virtual functionality) 
  • Embedded content will appear prominently on Premium Listings in search results as an icon and call to action in the first photo slot of the carousel.  For standard listings, only the video icon will display under the lead image in search results; the video will be fully embedded within the Property details page 
  • Embedded content displays on the desktop and mobiles site, but NOT the app - yet
  • For New Homes; individual new build plot videos will be prioritised to appear in development Property details pages.  If there is no plot video, the development video will appear for all plots within the development

How to buy

Embedded video is an enhanced user experience tool that is free to our customers.  However, in order to take advantage of the enhanced display in search results, the property must be upgraded to a Premium Listing.  


Issue Solution 
Which players are supported? 
  • YouTube
  • Audio Agent
  • Vieweet
  • Vistabee
  • Vimeo
  • Home Viewpoint Property Movie Tours
  • Matterport
My videos are not playing/appearing 
  • Feed provided Listings: Check that the content link URL has been included in the feed
  • Manual Listings: Check that the URL has been entered into the correct field
  • Has the video been removed because it is inappropriate?
  • YouTube: to allow embedding, the agent has to:
    • Log into their Youtube account
    • Go to Video Manager
    • Go to the video that they want to turn on embedding for and click Edit 
    • Under the video, click Advanced settings 
    • Under "Distribution Options", tick the Allow embedding checkbox
    • Click Save changes 
  • Vimeo Plus or Pro:
    • Edit your domain-level privacy settings to include all Zoopla sites.  To do this, head to the video page on the Vimeo account and click Settings below the video player
    • Click the Privacy tab
    • In the "where can this video be embedded?" section, add the following domain names:
    • Don't forget to Save your changes! 
Audio is not playing 
  • Check that your volume is up
  • Check with your content supplier or feed provider 
My listing with video content is not appearing as a Premium Listing
  • Check that the listing has been upgraded to a Premium Listing 
My video tour isn't embedded within the video page 
  • Check that the content is via an approved supplier
My content is not from an approved supplier - how do I get the supplier or player approved 
  • You can either email newhomes@zoopla.co.uk, or, click Submit a request below and complete the contact form. Please include details of the supplier or player
My Vimeo video does not play "Oops! The embed code for this video is not valid

 Have you checked you have the correct URL? 

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