Zoopla Audience Builder is an audience orchestration tool designed to support your campaigns with smart, meaningful and high-intent audiences.  The tools allow us to build, segment and market to highly-engaged in-market consumers, delivering effective digital campaigns on your behalf.

The first channel to benefit from this tool is email.  As we evolve the tool, we will be able to deliver a more connected campaign experience, meaning we can support more channels and deliver personalised targeting.  Meaning we broaden our audience coverage and increase the depth of our audience understanding.  

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What audiences can be targeted using the tool?

The Audience Builder has geographic and behavioural targeting capabilities.  This means we can target audiences based on their interest type eg. first-time buyers, sellers, renters, upsizers and investors, as well as their interest specifics, such as location, price and number of bedrooms.  Additional audience types and detail will be added as we evolve the tool, the enhancements will be reflected within this article. 

What does a 20% improvement in ROI mean?

Through developing Audience Builder, we’ve improved the performance of our email campaigns so that they now deliver more enquiries for every £1 you spend with us.  The easiest way to represent this is ROI, or Return on Investment.  Our calculations show there is an increase of 20% against your campaign ROI - so 20% more enquiries for the same amount of campaign spend.

How did we grow our audience to be 3.5x larger than before?

We have developed Audience Builder to use many more behavioural data points to understand consumers relationships with specific geographic areas and their buyer/seller type.  As we are now using more data points to build our audiences, more consumers are picked up for each campaign.

How is 4x more traffic to a clients website calculated?

Through our extensive testing period, we’ve monitored the number of consumers opening our emails, clicking through the main call to actions, and making their way to the landing page/website to continue their interest.  Our testing shows that the number of consumers doing this has increased by 4x versus previous email campaigns.


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