Detailed searches using Property search


Property search enables you to do a more detailed search on a specific area or areas.  You can track the activity in a street, or any developments within an outcode - for example, if a property was listed, removed, withdrawn or set as let.

It’s a really good tool for use with valuations and canvassing.  By using your outcodes and selecting their respective sectors, you can enter a street or area and if there’s Zoopla data for properties in that location, you can identify the types of property they are or were, and their prices.

Having this price history for the properties is extremely useful when you provide a valuation.  Your vendor will feel confident in your valuation figure as you take nearby and neighbouring properties into consideration.  It also provides you with a good knowledge of the area which you can use to your benefit during discussions.

In addition, if you are going to a valuation with a comparables report to hand, Property search can further back up the included information and provide further reassurance and confidence.


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This article includes: 

  1. Log in to ZooplaPro 
  2. Click the Monitor market tab
  3. Click Property search

Property search opens on the Sales department by default as long as you have that department enabled.
If you want to search for all listings and not refine your property details or date range:

  1. Click in the Search field and enter the street, area or postcode of the area you wish to search on
  2. Click Search

You can always change the market view that you’re seeing.

The Initial view may well be your default market view from when your ZooplaPro account was created, and contain up to 10 outcodes.

Alternatively, if you select your current market view from the dropdown menu, you can click Manage your views to create a new market view.  You can then choose the areas which you would like your market view to show from your 10 outcodes.
For more information on Creating more market views, click here
For more information on How you can add or update your outcodes, click here

Click the date field to set the date range that you want your Property search to cover, whether that be for the last 7 days or the last 12 months.

Viewing your Areas

Click the Areas subtab.  This is a list of all your outcodes that you have associated with your account. When you enter search criteria, whether it’s a street, area or postcode, the areas searched have to correlate with your outcodes.

Any of your outcodes can be selected or deselected should you wish to have a more focused set of search results listings.

Refining Property details

Click the Property details subtab.  This is where you can enter specific information in order to refine the property listings returned through the search.

  1. Click the Status dropdown menu to select whether to search for Any properties, or just those that are For sale, Sold/SSTC, Withdrawn or Exchanged
  2. Click the Property type dropdown menu to select whether to search for All properties, Houses or Flats
  3. Click the Beds min dropdown menu to select the minimum number of beds the properties must have
  4. Click the Beds max dropdown menu to select the maximum number of beds the properties must have
  5. Click in the Price min field and enter the minimum price of the property in GBP
  6. Click in the Price max field and enter the maximum price of the property in GBP
  7. Click the Resale / New build dropdown arrow to select whether to search for Resale and new build properties, Resale only or New build only
  8. Click Apply
  9. If you have already entered a search location, your property search results will update
    1. If you haven’t already done so, click in the Search field and enter the street, area or postcode of the area you wish to search on
  10. Click Search

Your matching property listings search results populate in a table.  Results can be sorted by ascent or descent, by selecting any of the column headers displayed in blue.

Click the Branches subtab to break the results down into more detail.  This enables you to select and deselect the branches that are included in the results.  By default, all branches that have properties in the specified area will be selected.

Within the property listings results table, at the start of each row, you might see 3 icons:

  • Zoopla logo - This displays if the property is live on Zoopla.  If you click on the logo, the listing will display on Zoopla 
  • Magnifying glass - This displays property details, Agent details, Details of the property itself and the History of the property since its initial listing
  • Printer - Prints the property details

If you want to find out more about the development, click the development name. This displays: 

  • The development address
  • If it's a single or multi branch development
  • A breakdown of how many developments have properties in each of the different departments

If you have a property that’s of interest that you want to add some correspondence notes against, you can click the Notes icon.  Notes can be added to any listing and they will only display in Property search, and will not affect the actual listings.


A property listing that is highlighted in a yellow row is one that is marketed by your company

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