What is Zoopla's self-checkout?

Stef Aitken
Stef Aitken
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Our Zoopla self-checkout is a new offering which allows you to purchase your software and marketing solutions directly from our dedicated portal. 

Self-checkout puts you in better control of what you buy and gives you the tools to select and configure Zoopla solutions, with full visibility of what you’re spending - at any time. You can choose marketing solutions from across the development lifecycle and software to support your team at every step of the sales journey.


  • If you have an existing contract for our old Gold/Platinum membership packages, you won’t be able to activate them within the self-checkout
  • If you’re not in an existing contract, you can purchase our new base subscription option

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How do I use the self-checkout?

If you’ve been invited to use the self-checkout via an email from Zoopla, you'll have received an email with details on how to log in to the portal. If you don’t have this, you should be able to reset your password on the login page.

If you haven’t received an email from Zoopla inviting you to use the self-checkout, you can get in touch with us at selfserve.technical@zoopla.co.uk to request a login be created. 

What does the self-checkout offer?

We’ve renamed and consolidated our product offerings into marketing solutions - you can find out what’s changed via the links below.

You're able to:

Where do I go if I need help with the Zoopla self-checkout?

If you want to learn more about what you can do within the Self-checkout and how to use, it you can:

Should you need technical support, you can contact us via email at selfserve.technical@zoopla.co.uk.