Choosing the status of your Residential sales listings

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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When uploading a listing to your Residential sales listings department, it's important that the status is correct so the listing appears correctly on site.  

To choose the correct status:

  1. Log in to ZooplaPro
  2. Click the Manage listings tab
  3. Click Residential sales listings
  4. Click Add listing to add a new listing, or locate and click an existing listing to edit it
  5. In the Status section, choose a Site status:
    1. Public will make the listing live on Zoopla
    2. Private will keep it in your property listings page within ZooplaPro, but it will not be live on Zoopla
    3. Deleted will delete the listing from ZooplaPro and the live site
  6. Choose a Listing status. This is how the property will display once it's live on Zoopla. For example, For sale, Sale under offer or Sold 
  7. Complete the remaining sections and fields if you haven't already
    For more information on How to upload sales listings in ZooplaPro, click here
  8. Click Save. Your changes will be live on Zoopla within the hour


If you want to delete a listing, choose the Deleted Site status and click Save. Once you've set it as Deleted and saved, the listing cannot be reinstated