Changes to your membership package

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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If you’re looking to make changes to your membership, your Account Manager is here to support you and to make sure your package is right for you.

You can contact your Account Manager directly via email or phone to discuss upgrading or making amendments to your membership package and add-on products.

You can contact our Member Services team by Submitting a request to find out who your Account Manager is, if you are unsure.

You can always use this request form to tell us about any changes you'd like to make to your membership package, including cancellation requests. 

Please provide full details where prompted. 

When you’ve completed the form, we’ll then check your membership agreement and be in touch about next steps.


Members will not be able to cancel or terminate the contract for convenience during any Initial Term or subsequent Renewal Term. After the expiry of your Initial Term or Renewal Term, your notice can be terminated in accordance with the Member Terms and Conditions